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A house with a wind - powered electric generator

A house with a wind - powered electric generator

After moving into a new house located in a windy area, its draughts blew a technical idea into my head:
Every construction has the windage, and the bigger the building, the greater the windage. If we turn a wall of the house into an air duct facing the direction where wind is usually blowing from, we can increase the power of spinning of the propeller’s blades which will be transmitting the energy by rotating the electric generator. The propeller will be built into the wall of the building (inside the air duct).
Through a differential gear the propeller’s spinning will be transferred to the shaft of the electric generator itself which will also be located inside the building. In a house with a propeller there can be installed several air ducts, providing that there are winds blowing in different directions.
In this case we can install a propeller on a self-rotating pedestal depending on towards which wall the air is blowing. In this case, of course, the drive of the electric generator must be installed with the help of angle bearings or angle changing drives.

There can be used any generator of electric current, for example or revolving generator made by me in 2011.

It is possible that the vibration from the propeller and the generator will cause a low-frequency noise which is harmful to man. A high-quality construction of the building and its air ducts, as well as good sound proofing can reduce unnecessary noises and vibrations to a safe level.

With the given components of the electric generator, it will be more convenient for technical personnel to service both the drive gear and the generator.

This idea is worth patenting, but lately all of my attempts to patent my inventions are being rejected by Ruspatent. Some of the patents are foredated by the people who are close to Ruspatent management. As for my other patents the Ruspatent experts reject my ideas on the grounds that such inventions are already being worked on. They even give me the links to the documents as a proof. But in links to those documents there are the descriptions of inventions that are not identical to mine.


A roof cleaning brush - windshield wiper

A roof cleaning brush-“windshield wiper”

As a professional construction worker I’ve decided to make a project of my own future house.
As a nature preservation supporter and just a person who doesn’t like to waste money, I cannot imagine building my roof without solar batteries. But because I live in Russia where winter lasts for 6 months, my main concern is constant snowing.
Heating a roof with built-in heating elements like those that are located on the inner side of a rear glass in a car is not economical.
I believe it is much more convenient to sweep the roof with a brush - “windshield wiper” similar to those of the front glass of a car.
For regular roofs with two sloping surfaces such a brush can be made as wide as the roof itself. Moving from the top to the bottom with several guidelines, regulated by a chain, the suggested brush- “windshield wiper” could be very effective.
Several guidelines located at a distance of up to 2 meters widthwise will make the construction lighter and more flexible. Wet snow is much heavier, so the sweeping would need more force, which would require a more powerful brush.

If somebody wouldn’t like my idea it is cats, because roofs are their favorite place.


Vibrating wheel

Vibrating wheel

“Car suspension damage” warning for a driver.

In 2013 I went to the Baltic region in my Mercedes Benz G-320.
M9 highway, which is located in the middle of Tverskaya oblast, turned into a country road, i.e. without asphalt coating and with holes of 20-30 cm deep. The road under construction stretched for about 70 km. It was dark outside, and my car wheels hit a lot of holes.
I relied on my automobile, which is not that old and has run only 170 000 km, but I underestimated our roads. As in 1945, they defeated “the German”.

Before my road trip, I had my car fully inspected; I changed the coupling-bolt with bearings and their gaskets. According to the diagnostics report all the mechanisms of the power steering were in good shape.
I should have reduced the speed while driving in that area and the gaps wouldn’t have appeared. This is how I came up with an idea to stop reckless drivers from driving on scarce roads.
Rally, sports drivers are an exception in this case.

Here is my know-how.
We need to install a vibrator into the steering wheel.
As soon as the normal driving mode of a car is disturbed, the steering wheel will start vibrating.
It will also be possible to combine the function of steering wheel vibration with the gages of chocks wear, engine’s temperature, oil pressure and the amount of liquids, as well as driving with manual brakes.

Beginning drivers are often the ones who usually damage their cars by disturbing those modes.
In addition, I believe it is necessary to add a gage of critical wear and tear of brakes chocks, which will warn a driver about rubbing of the steel part of the brake lining against a brake disc. It is easy to make.
After using the insulating bushings to disconnect the mounts of brake supports, and after connecting the last and wheel struts with the wires from the gages (lining is an insulator), the brake plate will touch the steel part of the brake lining (it will rub to its metal part) and trigger the gage. It will also display the information on the dash board and make the steering wheel vibrate.

The existing gages of wear and tear of brakes chocks (or the linings) cannot be connected to the suggested function of the steering wheel vibration.

It can trigger itself any time because it would only serve as a warning about an upcoming technical diagnostics. While a car is moving, the vibration function must be disabled to avoid both distraction of a driver and a potential accident. Vibration of a steering wheel will make even the most forgetful driver check the gages’ readings and stop at a service shop.
In this case any reckless driver would reduce speed.

If connected to multimedia system of a car, a vibrating steering wheel could also be used as a remote control for educating games (simulators).
It would be useful for beginning drivers, as if educating beginning pilots.

Car manufacturers will have to install multimedia systems with educating simulation games into cars. They will also need to install gages in other systems of car control, such as a transmission stick shift, manual brakes, brakes and acceleration pedals, and clutch pedal (in manual transmission cars).
It would be very easy to connect multimedia system control buttons, turn indicator lever, high beam indicator switch, light switch buttons and other manipulators to a game console.

Multimedia system could also include functions that I came up with in 2011.
Some of my technical ideas are already used by the manufacturer of car electronics “Pioneer”.

Many companies are working on virtual helmets the idea for which I described in the application for my patent; here is the description of some patents A space-suit helmet .
If we connect mentioned helmet to multimedia system of a car, we could get a perfect driver training simulator.
With that invention it would be possible to project various situations that might happen on the road.

If we can create a function of prohibiting dumb drivers from driving a car, and before letting a driver start a vehicle, offer him to take a driving test; he will be convinced that he needs to have more practice in driving, even in the simulator.

Many manufacturers integrate their products with the Internet and other electronic add-ons. Why not integrate and develop the idea described above.


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