A helmet for a survival suit

The demand in FSI FIIO: 2013113882/020507 from 28.03.2013 A Helmet for a survival suit

The purpose of the given invention is to apply modern technology of a three-dimensional video imaging to a helmet of both space and diving suits.

Modern suits donít resolve the problem of visualization in the environment with dense accumulation of dust, steam particles, microscopic organisms and so on.

The technical task can be achieved by installing a 3D camera in the interior part of the helmet. On the exterior part of the helmet there would be located two video lenses to create stereoscopic images and project it onto the screen inside the helmet.
Creation of the dimensional image requires using two video cameras; therefore the two lenses need to be placed. The stereoscopic imaging is necessary to locate the exact whereabouts of the remote objects in position to each other.

Modern technology of electronic videotaping allows us not only to see in detail very remote objects with the help of lenses but also to see in different spectrums in the darkness, with obstacles, through fog, sand storm, gas accumulation and so on. It would also be possible to transmit stereoscopic images in distance, for example for duplicating video registration during diving.

In the nearest future astronauts upon stepping out of space shuttles on other planets will not be able to see through the glass of the helmet due to atmospheric effects, harmful radiation and so on.

The Formula of the invention

Helmet for space (diving) suit with video cameras outside and video screen panel inside.


Due to the darkness, gas pollution, dust, radiation and so on the conditions do not let us observe the environment with our own eyes, so by turning on a spectroscope in the mentioned helmet we would be able to achieve our goal by monitoring surroundings with the help of a thermo vision camera, for example.

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