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Dear ladies and gentlemen! This is a welcome-project for all the inventors.

After facing plenty of difficulties during the process of obtaining the patents, I realized that I need advice of a professional.

The patent agents offer to help register an invention or a utility model patent for a large amount of money.
The utility model's registration price varies, srtarting from one thousands dollars. The inventions' registration is even higher in price.

I am lucky to live in Moscow and have an opportunity to access RosPatent and its library. But what can provincial inventors do when in most cases they cannot even arrive to the capital, not to mention living there? Or even paying for the registration of the patent?

This project is created for you.

We are offering our help to register your patents, where we will be the co-authors.
We are paying all the tax expenses, work of the translators and so on.
We can also promote your idea, letting the manufacturers and the interested parties know about it.

The contract is the one which will specify what share of dividends each party will be receiving for promoting the idea . It's impossible to define the percentage for each party at the moment. Every case will have different shares.
The inventor should receive not less than 50%. See the contract of joint authorship.

In case you don't want to have a share only, and you consider your invention exclusive, we will be ready to register it for you for a settled amount of money.
We could recommend you a patent agent whom we know and trust. See the contract of a patent agent.

Our goal is to concentrate smart and talented people around us.
The lack of communication with gifted people proves that there are not many of them left in Russia.

We cannot guarantee the success but we are responsible for honesty and diligence while working with the registration and promotion of your ideas.

At the moment in Skolkovo, located not far from Moscow, they are building an innovation center which should serve people like us, if they don't steal the resources again.
It is silly to trust our government, frankly speaking. That is why, not waiting for any favours from it, we decided to do something useful for talented people who need advice.

Maybe some day the government might do the same.


I was absolutely right when I thought that the project in Skolkovo was a scam!

Due to the fact that I had a few prospective patents prospective patents, in order to get a grant I established a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and tried to file an application on the website which is the official website of the “Skolkovo” Project.
But it turned out to be impossible because there was no link to add scanned images of patent certificates, certificates of registration of companies and other documents of that type.

Without adding these documents the registration process of the participants of "Skolkovo" project cannot be accepted. It means that the website exists but it is useless.
After that attempt I decided to call the two phone numbers provided on the mentioned website and was disappointed again. One phone was not answering and the other one was dropping my calls.

Being a stubborn man who does not have a habit of giving up ideas, I went to Skolkovo hoping to find there an office-in-charge of receiving correspondence or, at least, a mailbox for it. And again I had to "retreat" because even the policemen did not know about the existence of such a place.

I am convinced that relying on our government and believing in all its promises is the most ridiculous thing to do, even the former guarantor of our Constitution talks nonsense!!!

The only hope left is to send out the translated patent certificates directly to the manufacturers.

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