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In this article we are going to discuss such a complex and dangerous thing as a psychic terror.

I will not be surprised if in the nearest future they summon me to appear at Lubyanka because of this publication. I am sure about only one thing: if you, people, stop being indifferent toward the outrage going on in the country, toward the abuse of power and the corruption of the government - we will win!

Browsing the articles in the Internet on this matter I came to the conclusion that they are written either by mentally sick people or by people that were exposed to electromagnetic, torsion or some other kind of irradiation, or, perhaps, even infra- or ultrasound vibrations.
Or, maybe, some agencies intend to compromise the actual authors of those publications, passing off the stupid, ridiculous statements (probably witten in the offices on that same street Lubyanka) as the texts of the victims. And it is all done with one purpose - to hide the real stories behind the outrageous lies.

I can give you an example of one of such publications which stated that the victims who used aluminum foil for their head during the night would find out in the morning that this foil paper had small holes all over it. Why do they make it look like the holes were caused by some invisible rays! In my opinion, they want to make a fool out of the author of the article.
Is it possible that fragility and lack of plasticity of some object can cause cracks in the corners of the fold? Our heads don't look like colanders, do they?

The fact that the law enforcement structures disregard the complaints about psycho-electronic influence shows the whole strength of their power and that they do apply that kind of technologies in their work.

Further in this article we will talk about how to protect yourself from exposure to electromagnetic irradiation or infra- or ultrasound.

First of all, it is necessary to protect your house, office, cottage or car from penetration by people that do not want to see you healthy. For your safety you can change the car alarm-system. Install another alarm-system that would inform you about any break-ins via your cellular phone.
If your house does not have an alarm system, it is necessary that you install one. There are many different kinds of them nowadays. If you don't trust the law enforcement department in this question, we advise you to install the system with cell phone alerts. When the alarm goes off, you will automatically receive a message on your mobile phone. Of course, you will not be able to quickly react if you are absent. For that matter you can buy a sirene with a radioundulatory connection, which can be located in the house of reliable neighbours who usually stay at home.
It is obvious that your neighbours will not be able to protect your home from a big and well-prepared gang. And it's impossible to do it without an armed security anyway. But at least they can call the police and memorize particular features about the criminals. You certainly cannot protect yourself from criminals with serious intentions and in reality nothing can protect you from them. Only a reliable security guard who is always at home could help. The thieves that know the technical part of the process very well can block all the radio frequencies with a special generator and neither you nor your neighbours will receive the alarm signals. They might hear the sirene coming from your house which is connected to the central alarm device with the wires, the neighbours will come out and see that somebody is breaking in and maybe they will try to stop that but you cannot totally count on it.
Like everywhere in the world, the absolute security of a house costs a lot and is not available even for a middle class people. A reliable security guard is the answer. But any guard can be given a bribe, which means that a wealthy person runs the risk as well.

The sound irradiation.

It is well known that a human's ear picks up the sound of 20Hz to 20000Hz frequency. The musicians can percept from 10Hz to 30000Hz. The frequency range that is lower than the threshold of ear's perceptibility is called infrasound, if it's higher - ultrasound. There is a large number of electric devices which generate such sounds, their purpose is to scare away the rodents and insects. In most cases these devises function in the frequency range which cannot be picked up by human's ear.

The same principles are used in the sound generators which serve to break up marches, with the help of psycological influence on a human's brain.
By the way, at the beginning of 2011 our police has already received this type of generators. Today these generators are produced on industrial scale and any Russian policeman has an access to it. So, if you don't give a bribe to a police officer, you know now that you can be sent to a madhouse.
The most dangerous thing about this generator is that the victim loses its mental equilibrium without even realizing it. If it happened on the street, all you have to do is to walk away from the spot to get rid of the psycological pressure. But what can you do if it happens in your home? Your home is not a car, it cannot move.

I can surely say that we should expect a wave of insanity of oppositional activists.
We don't know if you belong to that group or not, but if the hostile actions against you take place, make sure that you are not affected by sound vibrations.

There is a device "Nor-140" which can locate the sound vibrations, its price is about $10000.

Electromagnetic irradiation.

Electromagnetic irradiation is very harmful for a person.
With the help of the generators of electromagnetic irradiation a lot of people of different countries were destroyed to the benefit of some world leaders.
The autopsy will not show the cause of death of a person if he died of the exposure to the electromagnetic irradiation.
Because a regular person doesn't have an access to that kind of equipment, it means that only special agencies can take any actions using it.

An example is a microwave.
If one takes the irradiator out of the microwave and puts it next to a bed, taking off the screen first, then it will be extremely hazardous to sleep in this bed.
If you feel sleepy and weak every time you come to one and the same place, whether it's your house, office or a cottage, don't rush thinking that you are sick.
Boris Yeltsin, Ruslan Khasbulatov and many other people were affected by the electromagnetic irradiation. Don't think that you will never occupy an "honorable" place next to them.

Hundreds of such cases were registered throughout the world and usually it happens to people who don't seem, at first, to stand out of the crowd. We probably don't know how we are different from others, but those who has chosen you as a "barbeque" definitely knows why it is you...

The electromagnetic irradiation can be registered with a device PZ-31 costing $11000, which is being manufactured in Nizhny Novgorod.

You can protect yourself from the electromagnetic irradiation by screening your home. Remember, attacking first is the best way of self-protection.
If you find any irradiation gone over the limit, consult a specialist. You need to stop the harmful influence of irradiation as soon as possible.
If you put screening in your house as a means of protection, it will provoke the criminals for drastic measures. You won't be able to save yourself with a bullet-proof vest if they put a kilogramm of trotyl underneath your car, whether it's armoured or not.

Sound or electromagnetic irradiation can be produced by any electric device, but the manufacturers always check their product for presence of any type of irradiation.

Psychotropic substances.

The easiest way to provoke a person is to use psychotropic substances.
There are 3 ways for a substance to get into a human's body: a droplet, oral and an injection. And there are plenty of types of substances too. They mainly apply the substances that are used for treatment of complicated forms of mental illnesses. And they would not be so effective if they were not used in amounts hundred times larger than a regular dose.
A vivid example of that is Major Denis Yevsyukov who shoot several people in the supermarket in spring of 2009. But this case cannot be considered when we talk about public, famous people.

The peculiar thing about psychotropic substances is that they stay in blood for a long time. The blood tests and the following results establish the real reason for a nervous breakdown and it can only enrage the enemies which have an access to taking such actions, and it will narrow the circle of suspects.

If you have a strong feeling of fear or uncontrollable agression towards people that you don't even know, first thing you must do is not to go to a psychiatrist, as expected from you, but make a blood test from the vein. Find out beforehand where this test can be made. To have a more precise result take the test in several places.
If you suspect that there is some hostility against you on the part of serious people or companies, take into consideration our instructions and share your suspicions with only closest people.
Don't go public because it will only be profitable for your enemies and they will be able to get more witnesses of your insanity, which, of course, makes your argumentation look impaired.

The cases of sudden insanity and suicides of healthy and self-sufficient people in its majority appear to be the consequences of applied psychotropic substances.

But the radiation is the most dangerous thing.

In comparison with electromagnetic or acoustic ways of impact, for a direct irradiation they locate a radioactive object in such places as house, car, office, cottage of a potential victim (places where you spend most of the time). This type of irradiation is easier to register and especially to prevent.
The dosimeters are very cheap today, the acoustic gauges and the measuring devices of electromagnetic irradiation are, on the contrary, very expensive. In Western countries domestic dosimeters have been sold since the 50-s of the last century. In USSR they started to sell the dosimeters only after the Chernobyl disaster, in the end of 1980-s.
The government had its own interest in keeping the majority of the population ignorant about the situation. As a matter of fact, several regions of USSR were located in the zone of radioactive pollution. Due to the militarization of the economy of USSR at that time the government did not take into consideration the lives of regular people, we were the victims of the armaments race.

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