Appeal to the President of Russia

Appeal to the President of Russia

I found out recently that the President had visited my website. And he even liked something. It was, probably, not the political blog that he liked but nothing happens at once.
Understanding the drawbacks, I decided to start offering him the ways out of our national problems, or, at least, how to mitigate their consequences.

It seems that our government is not really interested in anything except for their own financial and political problems. But anyway I am going to communicate with him, even just for self-soothing. It is a crime, in my opinion, not to use a chance of being heard.
Our government frequently talks on TV about a retardation of Russia in latest technologies, which is true. And even understanding the problem nothing is being done to reduce that process of retardation from the West. Our goods, with an exception of some of them, especially harmful ones - are not competitive.

After the earthquake and the tsunami on March 11, 2011 that happened in Japan and caused the catastrophes on nuclear power plants, the world society asked itself - how can we help the Japanese?

But nobody, except for Russia, is able to resolve the main problem - where can the Japanese run to escape from radiation?

In my opinion, it would be useful for us to rent out the disputable Kurile Islands to the Japanese, to make it even free. But along with that limit their presence there by building only high-technology manufacturies and obligate them to have 10-20% of its personnel be the Russian citizens.

To provide the access of our fleet to the world waters we should keep all the military bases that we have nowadays in that particular region. The more or less skillful radio-electronics engineers should be sent there to get educated.

Of course, there will occur a lot of disputes about the priorities and powers between both sides, but it is necessary to start negotiating this subject with our smarter neighbours.

The foresight gives Russia an opportunity of obtaining ultra modern technologies, the latest experience in dealing with economy based on the new for us principal - innovative.
I compare the catastrophe in Japan with a saucer that fell from space and didn't get damaged during landing. But don't get me wrong, I feel sorry about what has happened in Japan.

But if we have a look at this tragedy with a prospective, we can see that our neighbours can profit from the supposed alliance. With our efforts united, where Russia presents the natural resources and Japan - technologies, "RusJap" has a real chance to become a leader of the world economy.
If God blesses us and this new cooperation teaches us how to earn money with the help of a head, not a pipe, then, as our gratitude, we could give the Islands to Japan.

If our governors want our country and people live better and flourish, they will not be able to bring up excuses to object this idea. But in case the Russian leaders find a lot of reasons to reject the plan, it will signify that our country is considered as their "feeding-rack".
If it really happens, we can be sure that they neglect the people's interests and spit on us.

March 2011

Working in construction I always get to engage different dump-trucks. After operating many various types of them throughout the years, I realized that there are no more universal and practical with unloading dump-trucks than Tatra-815.
This truck has plenty of faults like all others, such as Mercedez, Volvo, Renault, MAN, Ford, not even mentioning Chinese cars. But not even one dump-truck in the world except for special ones will be able to carry and unload loose cargo in the spots with uneven landscape and mud, as it can perform Tatra-815.
And it is not even the full gear of the truck that makes it operate like that. There are a lot of dump-trucks with the 6*6 wheels, including Tatra-815. It is a unique car because for a hundred years the Czeck manufacturer produces these cars according to a specifically different "spinal" technique and has plenty of advantages.

An independent suspension of the wheels allows the truck to beat rough roads with more success than trucks with classical longrunning carriage provided with full bridges. The independent suspension also makes Tatra steady while unloading, which makes it important when working in an open pit and everywhere where there is no road and no possibility to lay a road. I saw many new full-geared MANs overthrow during the construction of Zagorskaya hydroelectric power-station. I don't even talk about KamAZes and MAZes.
At the beginning of the construction process of a dam of an upper basin there operated trucks Kraz-255. These so-called "Boots" move pretty good in the mud. But it burns too much of diesel; high cost of tires and other parts reduces all the advantages of Krazes to a zero. Its steadiness is also questionable. After signing the contract with the Russian joint-stock company "United Power System", our company delivered dozens of Tatras-815 to Sergiev Posad.
There were plenty of other trucks of various types operating next to us. While climbing a hill (there are a lot of them in that area) some trucks would have their bridges broken, others' engines would have a "knock", and all of them would overthrow during unloading in the uneven area. Only Tatras did it much less and only because a self-confident driver would not take into consideration a slope.
In addition to the mentioned advantages we could say about Tatra's-815 good motion dynamics when on the asphalt road, perfect controllability and manoeuvrability. The independent heater functions well and does not let a driver freeze, even in the coldest times. A "spinal" carriage - a "pipe" (called so by drivers) preserves the most part of a transmission, rods, ropes and hoses from mud, which contributes to the reliability of the truck at work in bad conditions of the roads (which is everywhere).
The drivers, after operating the truck for years, say that there is no more simple and convenient in repairing truck than Tatra. The driver of KamAZ will have to attend the course of adaptation which will help to assemble and disassemble that constructor called Tatra-815 without much effort. There could be created a crash course for drivers right there in the factory, where for 3-5 days they would be taught the alpha and omega of operating and repairment of this trucks. With the purchase of the truck a driver could be offered a free of charge classes of operating. This marketing move will increase the authority of this equipment.

All mentioned above about Tatra-815 serves to underline the good sides of a medium-tonnage dump-truck with a "spinal" carriage and independent suspension. For works in better road conditions it is better to draw heavy tetraaxial equipment with the wheel size 8*4. In this case a carriage of a ton of load for a unit of distance will get reduced. It is not always rational to keep a park of trucks of different types. For a small construction company with a wide range of operations it would be much more convenient to have all-purpose cars which could allow to work without breaks in the rain and on any road.
It is impossible to raise a lot of constructors and engineers in a short period of time, which means fast acquisition of new technologies is out of question. In this case I see only one way out - to buy a manufacturer with its technology and educated personnel.
One could not buy the leaders of the market such as Mercedez and Volvo due to their enormous prices. And would not make sense to buy the technology similar to dozens of other manufacturers. It is unreasonable to compete in one segment while there is a possibility of offering a unique multi-functional car. And Tatra will cost a lot cheaper.

Living for a long time in Naberezhnye Chelny, a motherland of KamAZ, I perfectly understood how it works because I often visited many KamAZ plants where my father used to work. Knowing the potential of a science and technique center, where I went most of the times and participating in the preparations to rally raids of cars, I do not doubt that the specialists over there are able to adapt a manufacturing process to the new conditions.
Mister President, think about what you could do for KamAZ to help it get rid of its problems ones and for all.
People of Naberezhnye Chelny call their city with the name of the plant. By bringing the tecnology of Tatra to KamAZ, we will make the medium-tonnage dump-truck with such excellent features that many countries with poor transportation infrastructure will start buying them from us.
Maybe the roughness of the classical scheme of composing the parts helps KamAZ to win rallies, but there is no better truck for works in heavy and bad road conditions than Tatra-815 which is also not bad on asphalt.


Being a car owner, living in Podmoscoviye (suburban Moscow), I prefer to drive to Moscow city. After spending many hours in traffic and having knowledge of what it is like to ride in Metro, I came up with an idea: to persuade other car owners to stop driving personal vehicles to the city.

In the morning and evening rush hours, when everybody is using Metro, it is so crowded that you don’t want to be there. That is why those who have an auto and a driver’s license have to put up with traffic in exchange for their own comfort.
If we could install Air conditioning (AC) in the last wagon of each Metro train, put in manually regulated seats, similar to the ones in the planes, and sell tickets for those seats to make sure every passenger rides in comfort, then we would persuade car owners who work in offices within Metro area to reach to and from work using Metro.
Obviously, there would be 20-30% less passengers in such wagons, but the raised cost of the tickets would make these wagons more profitable than the others.

This idea could succeed only if the luxury wagon was a part of every train of every direction because it is necessary that a potential passenger is not late for the “dream” wagon or does not have to wait for it for too long.

Even 10% of car owners who could stop driving to Moscow in their cars, would make a huge difference by relieving capital’s roads of enormous traffic lanes.


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