A condom

The demand in FSI FIIO: 2013140980/062521 from 06.09.2013 A condom

I have heard once that Bill Gates had offered $100 000 for improving the existing condoms.
Due to the fact that my best patents were stolen by someone from “RusPatent” administration, I came to the conclusion that I could solve my financial problem with the help of Microsoft Company. It occurred to me all of a sudden and my Aha moment lasted for only a second.

The idea of this invention is to place micro threads on the interior surface of a condom near the ring.
The disadvantage of today’s known condoms is in its tendency to fall off during an intercourse because the interior walls are very smooth and there is a high ratio of its slipping. Upon sperm’s and lubricant’s contact with the space between the skin and a condom, the ratio of slipping increases. In such cases a condom slips off a penis.

The technical purpose of the invention is to prevent potential sliding of a condom by increasing the number of holding spots (micro threads) located on the inside walls.
Micro threads are a part of a condom and are made of the same material.

The Formula of the invention

A condom, the interior walls of which are partially covered with micro threads.


Micro threads in the proposed item will decrease the ratio of slipping and will not let a condom slide down, even during ejaculation.
Micro threads have, in fact, the same functions as those of the amphibious that have threads on the inside of their pads – it is to avoid slipping.
Micro threads on the pads of some amphibious allow them to move around on a smooth vertical surface, even on a wet glass.

The length, thickness, density of location of micro threads as well as the area of covered surface will depend on the properties of the material which would be used for manufacturing the proposed condom.

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