The demand in FSI FIIO: 2013113884/020509 from 28.03.2013 Laptop-tablet

The purpose of the invention is to combine 2 parts of a sensor laptop into 1 screen when it is opened at 180 degrees.

Nowadays there is a similar tablet Toshiba Libretto W100-106.
The drawback of the given device is following: the two screens, when changing to multimedia file viewing mode or working with applications that don’t require keyboard, show either different or the same picture. When typing a text, one of the tablet’s sides serves as a sensor keyboard.

The disadvantage of the tablets consists in the absence of a keyboard, and the disadvantage of the laptops is in their small screens.
The technical task of the given invention is to possibly combine both sensor screens into one when the device is opened at a 180 degree angle.

As a result, while typing a text, one side of the device will serve as a sensor keyboard, the other – as a sensor screen, similar to a laptop. When opening a device at a 180 degree angle, both sides would be steadily fixed in the given position and the two sensor screens would become one big sensor screen. Each screen would be showing 50% of the picture. The first one would show left side, the second – the right side of the screen. Due to both screens’ framing there would appear a narrow line separating the two screens from each other upon opening a device. It is the only drawback of the invention that must be overlooked for the sake of its advantages.

The Formula of the invention

A folding PC with a sensor keyboard and a screen which upon opening at a 180 degree angle turns into one big screen.


The proposed device could store multiple functions: from a disc drive to a fax-modem and a Card-Reader. In this case it would become a fully functional personal computer-tablet.
If we were to aim at miniaturization of the device, we would have to take away the bulky parts such as a disc drive, for example, so we would get a small netbook tablet.

In my opinion, the proposed device would satisfy a larger number of potential customers: those who are interested in laptops, as well as those who would like to buy a tablet.

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