Wireless USB modem with the operating system

The demand in FSI FIIO: 2011103839/005307 from 04.02.2011 Wireless USB modem with the operating system

The purpose of this invention is to improve the existing wireless modems which belong to the group of computer's peripheral devices used for accessing the Internet in the places covered by mobile connections like 4G, 3G, CDMA or wireless access to the Internet WiFi and etc.
We know a lot of devices with similar features. Their drawback is in the fact that they require an installed operating system. For instance, USB 3G, UMTS modem Huawei E1550, which is being sold by "Megafon" for "Megafon" mobile network. You can find more information about it on the website www.megafon.ru. One more example is USB CDMA modem AnyDATA ADU-310A, being sold for mobile network "Skylink". Detailed information is on their website www.skylink.ru.

The technical task of the invention is to exclude the existing disadvantages by installing inside the modem a Flash memory with a capacity which would be enough to fit an operating system in it. In Huawei E1550 there is an installed Flash memory of 80 MB and it has the programs created for installation of various operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS), their purpose is to provide access to the Internet from a PC where the mentioned OS (operating systems) are installed.
The set task can be attained by increasing the Flash memory to the size necessary for fitting in it all the important files of the operating system, drives of the devices, downloading files and other files which allow to start the system and work with Internet and e-mail applications and other programs that will be comprised in the distribution disk. In the frame of the wireless modem there will also be installed a Card Reader for a Flash Card (Huawei E1550 has it). The type of the Flash Card is not important, it is needed for storing temporary files created by the operating system and applications during the work, as well as the files of registry records, settings of the system and programs.

To protect the OS from breaking in and damaging the important system files during the cyber attacks of the hackers or unskillful actions of the user, it would be useful to make changings and deleting of the files of OS impossible. For storing the temporary files of the system, files of settings, registry records, user's files, downloaded from the Internet, for example, the Flash Card would be enough, nowadays they have large memory capacity.
For starting the interior operating system in BIOS of the computer or a laptop one needs to mark the priority of starting with USB. So, when turning on a PC, the files will get interacted with BIOS and the opearting system will start.

The type and the model of OS is of no big significance. Linux, to my mind, is more preferrable than Windows because it is free of charge, there are less requirements for operating system and it is safer. The structure of the system should be more simple, that's why 32-bit system is better in this case because even a weak PC will be able to function without "freezing" and slowing down.

The size and the form of the wireless modem will depend on the size of the completing parts and the type of the supporting Flash Card, but it definitely will not be bigger than the existing USB modems.

The drives of the devices will contain the most part of the program distribution disk. On the panel "Favourites" of the browser, which will go together with the distribution disk of the OS, there will be located the references to the websites of the manufacturers of the PC and the parts. So the users will be able to download all the necessary drives themselves if they are not on the distribution disk.
The safety settings should be simplified with gradation like High, Medium, Low for the users that are not so advanced. And for professional users there should be left an option to choose the precise safety settings of the screens, antiviruses and other programs.
All the pointed features of this innovative modem will allow people with little computer experience to use the Internet services starting from web serfing to communication in social networks. Along with that, it will not let the cyber attackers obtain any of your important files, usually stored in the memory of the PC, or install spy programs.

Wireless USB modem with the operating system and programs works the following way:

"Start with USB" will be the preference setting in BIOS of a PC. PC should be shut off. Then the Utility model is installed into the PC. The operating system located in the Flash memory of the modem is warming up. After the operating system of the Utility model is fully started, we should choose the Internet provider, set up the users' regisrty records and e-mail, as well as all other settings of the system, both safety and performance. At the same time we should set up necessary applications' parameters which are included into the distribution disk with the operating system.

Later it is possible to export the settings files and drives to any carrier, so in the future one doesn't waste time for setting up the operating system and programs all over again, or setting up devices in case the Flash Card of the modem, which stores the temporary files, settings files and drives stops functioning. Or if you want to format it after an Internet session to delete all the harmful scripts and viruses which could be downloaded from the Internet with cookies, certificates, electronic signatures and other files.

The easiness of using the modem that I elaborated is in the simplicity of setting up the modem and the operating system, as well as the programs that come together with it. The safety of browsing the Internet is attained by the fact that the files of the operating system will be protected from changing or deleting, which allows, every time going on the Internet, to do it with a just set up system that doesn't have possibly threatening files downloaded from the Internet.

The wireless modem can be working as a regular USB modem with any installed operating system without downloading your own one like, for example, Huawei E1550 and others of that type.
Downloading your own system will be useful for restoring a set up operating system of the PC which "failed" because of the damaged system files. In most cases the failures of the operating system happen due to deleting of the system files and it occurs, basically, through the fault of the user, who deleted the necessary for good functioning files, or sometimes it takes place because of failed work of devices. It also can happen because of the viruses, trojans, worms and etc. In these cases to restore the proper work of the system it is necessary to copy the system files to various compartments of the OS, it is needed for starting and further functioning of the operating system.
In case the restoration of the OS of the PC with the help of copying system files doesn't work, it will be possible to restore the valuable files by downloading the operating system from the Flash memory.

The Formula of the invention

Wireless USB modem with the operating system is an autonomous unit which connects to the Personal Computer via USB port for providing an access to the Internet in the places covered by radio communication.


The modem of wireless access will have a built-in accumulator and a program of playing sound and video files, so the modem will also become a media-player.
If to install an accumulator, then it will be possible to create a radio videophone in the modem because the last one has the radiosignals receiver. The only thing left is to install a keypad (maybe sensor), a dynamic speaker and a videocamera.
In my opinion, the gadgets of future should be elaborated from the point of view of their multifunctional abilities because the sizes and the prices of the electronics go down very fast.

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